It is a tough fact, but no matter how efficiently you run your business, employees are always going to leave for new opportunities. This can happen for all sorts of reasons; including a complete change of career, change of scenery, better money or wider opportunities. You may offer enticing reasons for employees to stay within the company, but this may not be enough to change their mind. Although you may feel a sense of anger that you have trained up an employee and they are now leaving, you should always put yourself in their shoes and see it from their point of view. You should also take steps to ensure you leave the door open for returning employees and there are various ways to do this.

How to leave the door open for returning employees

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Make Them Feel Valued

Always ensure they leave on a good note and make them feel valued. On the day they leave, make sure you do something special for them, such as presenting them with a gift or a leaving night. If you don’t do this, they will feel as if they were unimportant and probably won’t be too happy to return, should the option arise.

Tell Them

Take time to tell them that the door is open for them to return. If they are talented and great at their job, you can always create a position for them at some point. If you don’t tell them, they’ll never know and may be apprehensive to return, if things don’t work out in their new job.

Stay in Touch

There are many ways to keep in touch with previous employees, including social media platforms such as LinkedIn. If you ask them how they are every so often, you will stay in their head and it will make them more likely to return to you in the future.

Good Reference

Although you may be tempted to provide a bad reference and keep your employee where they are, you should do the opposite and give them a great reference. This will leave them with a good impression and they will be thankful for your help.

Advise on New Opportunities

When new suitable opportunities arise which you think may entice your previous employee, reach out and let them know. You never know what their frame of mind may be and they may be apprehensive to ask directly but may snap up the opportunity.

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