Job hunting is a process that is difficult for both parties involved. For a candidate, job hunting is time consuming and extremely intimidating. For an employer, it can also be time consuming and hiring managers often find it challenging to select the right person from a pile of applicants. Most people don’t particularly enjoy this process, but unfortunately, it’s a necessity.

For many people, putting yourself ‘out there’ is often the worst part. Selling yourself as the right individual for the job can be very difficult, but it’s something that you must do to get yourself noticed. This point doesn’t apply solely for candidates, it’s also for employers; they must persuade a candidate why they should join their business.

In this blog post, we’re going to focus on the attributes that employers should look for in their candidates for the job they’re advertising. Although this blog is aimed at the employer’s side of recruitment, it could be useful for job seekers too.

The candidate should be…

Confident – the good kind

Whatever the role, confidence is important. If a candidate walks in with their eyes to the ground and refuses to make eye contact, followed with a soft handshake, it will not have been a good start. A candidate should walk in, give a firm handshake and introduce themselves, all the while making eye contact and even making conversation. Too much confidence though, and it will be just as problematique.


This point coincides with confidence. A candidate needs to be friendly, engaging and polite. No employer or employee wants to be around someone who causes issues.

Willing to learn

If a candidate displays a willingness to learn and admits they need to learn more yet, that will allow you to conclude they’re an individual who is passionate and will listen to you as their educator.

Adaptable and Flexible

Each field of work is different, but each employer will have a differing method in their work, even if a candidate has decided to stay in the same industry. You, as an employer will want someone who can take a new direction with you and is flexible in their work, and willing to learn.


All employers crave a candidate who is able to work without the assistance of someone else. Finding a candidate who can motivate him or herself to work independently is a trait that should not be overlooked. This can, admittedly, be difficult to find in the interview stages, unless you ask for an example of self-sufficiency.

A team player

As the saying goes, “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’”, teamwork plays a big part in the world of employability.


Finding an individual you can truly rely on to do a job is one of the biggest attributes to look for in a candidate. You want someone honest, hardworking, committed and will put all their effort into a job. By speaking to a candidate in an interview, you can usually see this trait if they possess passion in what they speak about, and if they have a good relationship with their current or previous employer/s.

It isn’t an easy process finding an individual to fill your vacancy, but with these attributes in mind, you can find the right person for you and your business.

If you are looking for the right person with the necessary skills to enhance your business, we can help through our recruiting services.

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