Are you tired of being overlooked in your search for new staff? Do you feel the unique needs of your company are being ignored by major recruitment agencies? With Recruit Write’s headhunter service, you can be comfortable with the knowledge that the individual requirements for your business are being communicated effectively to the right people.

At Recruit Write, we know how important it is that your business reaches out to the right people for the role. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure each and every one of your company’s roles is advertised in as concise and effective a means as possible. We work on one role at a time, giving it the attention and time it deserves to ensure you reach the ideal candidates, leaving you more time to focus on what’s important, maintaining your business and delivering exceptional standards every time.

Benefits of using a headhunter service


Unlike the major headhunting agencies, we charge a daily rate for our services, rather than operating on a percentage basis. This means you can alter your requirements to suit your company’s needs, day in day out. Our dedicated approach means you won’t be just another figure. We appreciate that every company has its own distinctive method of operating, so why should your recruitment process be any different? Our approach is dedicated to finding only the most suitable applicants and ensuring they understand the role requirements.

What we offer

We offer a bespoke service to each client we handle. We work with your business to assist in the recruitment process and advertise your company’s roles through the most reputable networks possible. Why be thrown in with the crowd when you can be guaranteed a personal approach? At Recruit Write, we don’t rest until we’ve effectively communicated what your company is looking for. Our extensive experience allows us to reach out through the most appropriate networks to guarantee the ideal applicant. Because we work on a one on one basis for each role, rather than charging a regular percentage, you can save money too.

Our extensive range of services also means we can help increase your online presence, deal with all numbers of business related issues and keep your company on the track to success. We offer advice on how to increase your customer base, all while striving to maintain an effective brand image.

Who we are

Recruit Write is a dedicated recruitment, copywriting and HR company based in Glasgow. We deal with a range of clients on a daily basis, working to ensure your business delivers exactly what it needs to thrive in a highly competitive business environment. It doesn’t matter what service you provide, we can meet your demands and help your business grow, regardless of the size and scope.

Contact us today

To find out more about our headhunter service, contact us today for an informal chat.

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