The way we recruit has changed over the years and unlike before, it is not enough just to advertise on a job site and wait for responses. Traditional methods still have a place and can be useful, particularly if they are used in conjunction with more up-to-date methods, however, a more focused approach can offer a lot of benefits. This is particularly the case for senior and specialised roles, which can be notoriously difficult to fill. It is also a preferential method for SME’s, who don’t want the time or costs associated with recruitment and would rather outsource it to a dedicated head-hunter. There are many benefits to choosing headhunting, rather than other traditional methods of recruitment.

Top reasons why headhunting may be beneficial for your recruitment

Passive Audience

The main benefit of headhunting is that you are tapping into an audience of candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job and this can be really effective. Most people who are working full time, do not have the energy to start looking for a new job when they get home, even if they are not particularly enjoying their current job. However, most are more than willing to listen to new opportunities and you may find that you catch them just at the right time.

It’s Flattering!

When you headhunt, you are effectively hand picking those candidates you believe are the best for the job and this can be very flattering for the candidates. This aspect alone can make them more willing to sit up and take notice of the opportunities.


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Saves Time

Advertising on a job board takes a huge amount of time. You will usually have to advertise the vacancy for at least a month, then you have the time of sifting through the applications, many of which will be completely unsuitable for the job. With headhunting, you are taking that ‘headache’ away, as you are only dealing with candidates who fit the bill or at least fit most of the bill. If you have ever been involved in recruitment, you will understand the frustration of sifting through applications which have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the job.

More Cost Effective

You may be put off at the possible costs associated with headhunting, but it can actually be much more expensive to advertise on job boards. There are not just the actual costs of advertising, but the cost of taking time out to screen applications and organise interviews etc.

Dedicated Approach

There is more of a dedicated approach with headhunting, as you are focusing on and looking for candidates with specific experience and qualifications, rather than just waiting for applications to arrive.

At Recruit Write, we offer a headhunting service which is based on day rates, rather than a % fee, which makes it less expensive that many other methods. Contact us to find out more.

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