We all know that there are benefits for businesses who post regular content as part of a social media marketing strategy. However, it can be difficult to work out what content to post. The purpose of posting on social media is to create a buzz about your products or services and as inbound marketing goes, it is becoming increasingly important.

It is not a good idea to constantly post the same content (we have all seen it done!), as this offers nothing to the reader and most people will probably just ignore it. A more subtle approach is advisable if you don’t want to instantly turn potential customers off. These are some different types of content to use in your social media marketing.

Social media marketing strategies

Business Updates

Social media is a great way to promote your business and there is nothing wrong with posting about your business, but make sure it offers something to the reader. For example, promotions you are running or a blog the reader can look at. There are millions of people using social media every day (Facebook alone has 1.65 monthly active users), so make sure your business updates will make the reader sit up and take notice.


Emotional Content

We all relate to content which stirs up some kind of emotion; whether it’s laughter, tears, anger or shock, we like content we can somehow relate to. If we use ‘The Lad Bible’ on Facebook as an example; the page has a staggering 13+ million likes and the content is regular and is usually funny and relatable to a certain age group. Another is Tony Robbins; he has over 2 million likes and posts motivational content, which empowers people. If your content fails to stir any emotional, it is very unlikely to be shared, which is the whole point in using social media marketing. Just don’t send your readers to sleep with your content; that is an emotion you might want to avoid!


If your content gives the reader something to do; all the better. For example, a video to watch, a quiz to enjoy or a game to play. The more interactive your content is, the more popular it is likely to be, which means better results for your business! When people enjoy the content, they will tell others about it. How many times have you watched a funny YouTube video and sent it to a friend? This is how you can use interactive content to improve your business results.


Relate to Customers

Take time to reflect on who your customers are and whether your content relates to them as, after all, this is this group you want to attract or offer something to. If you are in the fashion industry, your target audience will probably be interested in content related to fashion, celebrities, entertainment; posting gardening tips or financial news probably isn’t hugely relevant. What would your customers like to read about? Your inbound marketing strategy should reflect this.


Where possible, you should incorporate images into any content you post. A good image can make a piece of content stand out and thus, make it more likely to be read and shared.

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