Let’s create content that engages users & entices search engines!

When a guest arrives at your home, how do you keep them engaged? By offering them tea and biscuits of course. But in the case of your website, delicious content that’s worth consuming is the solution!

The approach of content creation online differs to say writing a newspaper article or your next novel. What remains the same though is the need for enticing content that is valuable and meaningful to your target audience.

Website content creation which appeals to real people

It’s no secret that interesting content is the key to good quality website content writing, but that’s just scratching the surface. It’s all about the extra steps you take to ensure your content is befitting for your business, as well as potential customers and search engines.

We don’t just provide content that is designed to make you rank highly on Google – although that is certainly an entity to our writing services – we create copy that is entertaining, informative, thought-provoking, maybe even inspiring. Every project is unique, but we guarantee content that entices visitors, ensuring they enjoy their experience on your website and respond.

Yeah, yeah, we hear you, “what about SEO?”. SEO should be subtly integrated in such a way that it doesn’t detract from the visitor experience.

Speaking of SEO

Our SEO approach is content driven, as it should be.

We can create high-quality and engaging blogs and articles for your website, as well as website’s content too. As you might imagine, we have particular expertise in writing on HR and recruitment topics, but we’re open to other topics, no matter how unique or wild they may seem!

Our team of writers and SEO experts (some of which are experts in both, get them!) are ready to help you. Whether it’s a bulk project or individual content you need, get in touch and let us help bring some life back to your website and get it seen online!

We also recommend our social media management along with content creation and SEO. After all, once your site’s content is awesome, it’s time to spread that awesomeness on multiple channels!

Get in touch to get started, or if you have any question, let us answer them for you.

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