Imagine you are about to begin the journey of finding a job, what exactly do you look for? How do you conduct your search? Do you begin by basing your search on the money offered, the location of the employer, a specific industry you specialise within? We have heard a variety of answers to this question, and an extremely common answer is the business perks that are available.

Without a doubt, we all work for one reason – to earn a decent living. But whilst we do that, we want to be able to gain something much more than just money in our bank accounts, we want to make friends at work and have fun whilst we work.

Many employers nowadays are focusing on the staff perks that they offer, and each business will try to offer something to show their appreciation to their hardworking team.

If you’re an employer and you are struggling for ideas of what business benefits you could introduce, we have some great ideas for you. Some may be a little out of your price bracket, but some of our ideas will not cost an arm and a leg to include and will still benefit your staff.

8 Employee Benefit Ideas

Duvet Mornings – a duvet morning could be a useful protocol for you and your staff. If a member of staff feels a little under the weather or knows that they may have a hectic weekend, they can pre-arrange it with you to start work a little later on a specific day. It can reduce absence and offer staff that opportunity to gain sleep and improve concentration.

Work from home – with technological advancements, working from home is becoming more and more common. Give this opportunity to your staff and they will appreciate it. They can make doctor or dentist appointments without booking time off or rushing home early – they can work from home for the morning, afternoon or day instead.

Travel opportunities & days out – offering a variety of travelling opportunities for your team is a staff benefit. Allowing them to head out and represent the business is a great way to earn their commitment and gets them out the office for the day. Whether it’s travelling in the UK or abroad, it’s a great staff benefit.

Recognition/Reward Scheme – offering a reward for hard work is a great way to get your team working harder. By offering a reward, you can thank an individual or specific department for their hard work. As an employer though, you will need to ensure it’s fair and that everyone stands a chance.

Team Lunches – getting everyone together is important to the way your business functions. Paying for your team to go out for lunch or dinner is vital and will improve everyone’s connection on a personal level.

Weekend Activities – linked with team lunches, doing activities with your team is a great way to improve everybody’s relationship with one another. Bowling, laserquest, a night out, a pub session, whatever the occasion, try to get everyone involved.

Food & drink for the office – staff appreciate free benefits, which is why providing food and drink for the office always has a positive effect. Tea, coffee and water is common, but why not provide fruit, snacks or even a vending machine?

Fitness benefits – fitness is becoming extremely common as part of a staff perk. Offer reduced gym membership fees, maybe even hold a fitness class in your office!

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