David and Greg started their PartyLite career many years ago as hosts, they loved the products so much that they held several parties a year which were always a great success! They got engaged in 2008 still hosting parties but never once considered (seriously) that they could ever make money being a consultant instead of a host! They decided to join PartyLite as consultants and on October 30th 2010 D&G PartyLite Consultants was born.

To find out more, visit https://dg.partylite.co.uk/MySuccess

Hello D&G, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Can you tell me about the business you are in?

We are Independent PartyLite Consultants aka #Candleboys. PartyLite is a party plan business selling fragrance candles and accessories and is the number 1 direct seller of candles in the world and been on the go for over 40 years! There is no start up cost, no sales targets, unlimited income potential and fantastic training and incentives

How long have you been doing this?

We joined PartyLite in 2010 to help pay for our Wedding. David had his eye on a light up dance floor and there just wasn’t enough money in our budget, so PartyLite paid for the dance floor as well as lot of extras!

What are your favourite/least favourite aspects of it?

The favourite part of our job is introducing new people to world of PartyLite, meeting wonderful hostesses and party guests. We love the incentives the company puts on, the freebies, the trips and of course the fragrance candles.

Do you do your business full time and if not, do you plan to in the future?

We both have full time jobs.  Gregor works for drinks wholesale company in telesales and David is a support worker for a large charity.  PartyLite fits in perfectly with our 9-5 jobs. PartyLite is our fun time and doesn’t feel like work, We really do get paid to PARTY!!!

What other interests do you have?

We both love spending time with our family especially our nieces and nephew, who are always keeping us on our toes. David is always redecorating some part of the house. We both love to go on holiday, especially Florida (PartyLite pays for this too) and we enjoy socialising with friends and a good bottle of vino.

Have you any plans to get involved in any other businesses?

Not at the moment.

What methods do you use for promoting your business? Which are the most effective for your business?

Talking to people, at work, in the shops, at our parties and of course online, we use all media platforms, email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and we have our corporate business website dg.partylite.co.uk. The company do a great job of promoting our business on our behalf via email communication and our website and personal online shop.

How has the business benefited you?

PartyLite has changed our lives, it has given us financial freedom, the ability to treat family and friends, it pays for our holidays, cars, as well as any DIY around the house. We have also met some fantastic people on our PartyLite journey, our hostesses and party guests, our PartyLite colleagues, a lot of whom have become great friends!

Do you have any tips you would give other people starting out in business?

Set yourself a goal, either financial or material, talk about your business and don’t be scared to ask for help, always aim high.

That’s the end of the interview. Thanks for your time today!







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