Do you have a social media marketing strategy in place?

Without a social media marketing strategy, how do you proceed to achieve your short and long-term social media and digital marketing aspirations?

Understanding the world of social media is extremely important first of all. But if you are more experienced with social media, then our 7 top tips are still extremely useful to you.

Yes, posting regularly on social media is great, but there are many other little tips that people don’t consider with their social media pages.

Whether you’re aiming to grow your following or you’re looking to create leads, then you really can do so through your social media channels.

Let’s get started.

Tip 1 – Personalise your social media pages.

Whenever you create a social media page, it’s crucial that you smother it with your branding. Profile image? Make it your logo. Cover image? Make it engaging, make sure it represents your business’s brand and colour palette.

Your brand is your identity. If you embrace it, your followers will too.

Tip 2 – Engage with users.

Engaging with your users is essential to improving your reputation on social media – it’s actually a lot more important than you might believe.

Through interacting with users across the various social media platforms, you will increase your following. If you’re on Twitter, why not retweet interesting articles or points you agree with? And on Instagram, why not like other people’s pictures? Maybe even try to interact with them on a photo you like.

Join discussions, don’t be shy!

Tip 3 – Focus on quality, not quantity.

Many people believe that posting on social media is all about posting as many posts as you can across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ pages. It is necessary, but it’s more about posting relevant and quality posts.

You need to speak to your followers and potential customers. There’s no point posting about topics that won’t create a reaction from a user.

Tip 4 – Stay active.

You may think ‘well this is going against the previous tip’, but it isn’t. Staying active on your social channels isn’t just about posting regularly, you need to be there for your audience. This means responding to them whether on a post or through direct message.

Creating professional connections is key. You can do so on all social media, but LinkedIn is extremely effective for it.

Tip 5 – Create Value.

Create value for your social media. Don’t just promote your own products or services, create topical posts, create engaging blogs and articles to help and advise. Utilise content that others have created.

Tip 6 – Utilise visual content.

Visual content is becoming more important than ever. As people, we retain more information from visual content on the web compared to written content. It may even be worth you creating a visual marketing strategy to accompany your social media approach.

Tip 7 – Have patience.

Patience is a virtue. Building connections online and increasing your online presence takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with regular and meaningful activity, you will grow.

Need help to create a social media marketing strategy?

No need to panic if you don’t feel confident about putting together an effective social media marketing strategy. Let us help you!

Get in contact with us now and we can work together on improving your social media presence!

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